Hello, my name is Dennis. I worked in the computer and networking field for more years than I ever thought I would. I am very happy to be retired now.

Some of my earliest memories are being with my parents in Yosemite. They enjoyed Yosemite so much they spent their honeymoon there. I still remember being out under the stars at night during the ranger talks. One of the things I remember most is having them explain what was happening while we watched the fire falls, coming down from Glacier Point. Maybe that is why Yosemite holds such a deep place in my heart. My parents also enjoyed just getting in the car and exploring; I was a very happy passenger on those many trips.

I still enjoy going to Yosemite every chance I get, especially at night. Yes, I still enjoy getting in the car and exploring both new and familiar places.

I will be posting photographs and videos from these trips I take with my wife, Jennifer. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoy being outside and making them.

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